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Scientific Committee

Statute: art. 13

The National Association may adopt, by resolution of the National Steering Committee, a National Scientific Committee, as a technical support structure that expresses opinions and makes proposals to the National Steering Committee itself, for the structural and cultural growth of the National Association. The number of members cannot be less than three and is established by the National Steering Committee based on the necessities of the association. The Scientific Committee will continue in office for the same period of the appointing Steering Committee. The members of the National Scientific Committee, which may also be non-members, must be individuals with outstanding experience and fame in science. The National Scientific Committee, which may appoint a National Coordinator, provides opinion on questions submitted by the Steering Committee and submits proposals in order to pursue the objectives of the National Association. National Scientific Committee meetings are convened by the President of the Association, who attend the meeting, or by the Coordinator of the National Scientific Committee.