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Step-net addresses parents, teachers and experts (educators, pediatricians, psychologists) sharing Step-net objectives, including promoting educational contests to support the development of talented children.

Consultancy and services

Step-net offers professional advice to families and schools regarding issues related to children's education. Our staff provides information, support and education to better understand the social and emotional relationships of gifted individuals at school as well as at home.

Us, parents like you

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Step-net mission and goals

Step-net is an acronym which stands for "The supporting network for the development of talent, emotions and potential".

Our mission is:

  • to provide an opportunity of networking among parents of gifted children,
  • to set up a network among professional figures who, in various aspects, are committed to promote the high potential and giftedness,
  • to educate Italian Institutions and policymakers to recognize and support giftedness in schools and win public recognition,
  • to raise money to sustain and promote research,
  • to publish educational books designed for gifted children,
  • to provide professional training to encourage educators to meet the special needs of these youngsters,
  • to sponsor summer schools specifically designed for gifted children,
  • to arrange presentations and seminars for teachers and parents,
  • to establish scholarships and prizes for students, teachers or writers who contribute with their work to studying and designing teaching methods for the Italian school,
  • to take part in bids for funding to pursue and advocate for continuation and expansion of Step-net mission,
  • to link with other networks and organizations to help fulfill common goals.